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Re: How Far Should TOS-R Have Gone?

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Considering that they probably would have the Original un-touched episodes on the Blu-Ray sitting right next to the re-masters, they should've gone further. So should've TNG.

I'm not a big fan of using the most high-tech modern computer imagery to recreate primitive 60s film-making.

Even at the time some of the shots looked dodgy, I've never been a fan of the way the TOS Enterprise seems to list around with her Nacelles tilted forwards as if the Saucer was 50x heavier (and it was feeling that in the atmosphere) and some of the love of that ship's looks is pure Nostalgia and nothing else, it simply doesn't look great from every angle the way later ships were designed to.

No, it would've been better to completely remaster it in the same way Doctor Who have done on their DVDs, (though they have the advantage in their episodes are completely lost so it's CGI or nothing in some case which placates the fan-base and even when they add CGI to existing episodes it's never seen as a replacement, just an optional enhancement )

I guess the issue should be just in the marketing.
It should've been made clear with the CBS remastering that the originals are still there to be enjoyed, but there are extra FX sequences for those who would like them.

The whole attitude of "well I don't like them so they shouldn't do them" is blinkered in the extreme.

Tonight on CBS Action here in the UK I watched the episode where Kirk loses his memory and marries a primitive woman while the Enterprise is left to attack an asteroid on course for the planet and the Asteroid part looked great on my HD TV, the final shot from the planet's defenses could've been more dynamic though, perhaps even blowed the damn thing up.
Agreed. I would have also completely CGI'd TNG to the point that the ships which were reuses of older models would be completely new ships (examples: the ships in 'Heart Of Glory', the ships in 'The Outrageous Okana', and every other episode that had an old model ship in it reused from the movies).

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