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Re: Enterprise-C Stories

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^ Not likely. All Picard said in the episode with Guinan was that the E-C was lost near Narendra 3, defending the Klingon outpost from the Romulans, and presumed destroyed.
Actually, no. The script for "Redemption II" portrays Guinan's revelation that there were survivors as a shock.

How much do you know about what
happened to the last ship named

A frown. Curious question... but he searches his

The Enterprise C? It was lost...
at the battle of Narendra Three...
while defending a Klingon outpost
from the Romulans.

And... the survivors?

He regards her, perplexed. Where is this leading? But
Guinan is an old and trusted friend. He'll follow

There were stories... that there
might have been prisoners, taken
back to Romulus. But those were
just rumors.

She moves still closer to him, struggling with
thoughts, feelings, memories... all of them a jumble
that makes no sense. And yet...

There were survivors. And one
of them was Tasha Yar.

Picard stares at her. Is she out of her mind?
This script was performed. I remember seeing it. Stewart portrayed a character who was surprised by the fact that this rumour was true--well, that and the fact that a Tasha Yar was on board.

But what I want to know is why the Federation didn't declare war on the Romulans for this incident. If they had any kind of evidence that Romulan forces had destroyed the C, it would be a cause for war between the Federation and the Romulan Empire, current (in 2344, that is) difficulties with the Klingons not withstanding.
It would be a cause for war, yes, but the Federation could choose not to. In this particular case, at least in the novelverse the attack on Narendra III was the final act of the mad Praetor Dralath, this attack being one of the factors leading to the revolution that installed a much stabler and more moderator Narviat in Ki Baratan. The Federation could have concluded that, with the expansionist party discredited, Dralath dead, and a more moderate regime in power, the costs of a war would have outweighed the benefits. There was already a regime change in Romulus. Why risk a full-scale war?

And any Ent-C survivors popping up in the aftermath, whether at that time or years later, would have no reason NOT to tell their tales of battle with the Romulans. There would be no reason that I can see for survivors to stay hidden.
Picard's treatment of the idea of C survivors as being "just rumors" strongly suggests that any C survivors, even if they did somehow survive Tasha's death, didn't make it outside of the Star Empire's boundaries.
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