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Re: Star Trek: Axanar

It's really a great things you guys are attempting to achieve. I sincerely hope you will. Love all of the TR designs and the whole Axanar fleet shall indeed give a nice pre-TOS impression (with monor exception of those slightly post-TNG Klingon designs -> D5, Raptor... fortunately, the D4 and D6 are bridging the gap more than nicely).

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USS Hermes, the prime timeline version of the USS Newton.
Whoever got quarters with a window must consider him-/herself lucky ) So few of those, even on the saucer rim. Love the round ones though

As for the uniform sketches; as it's pre-TOS gong for TheCage style and department colours would be the best choice. With all the TOS, classic gold-teal-red based fan productions already around the Cage colour theme would be a nice touch. Personally I favor those much more than the established 66-69 series designs (along with the more 'serious' bridge and overal design, but that's just my two cents)

Keep it up, please, and may the Great Bird bless upon your enterprise
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