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Re: Brannon Braga: Not a Diane Carey Fan?

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For some reason I thought he still helped out with Trek conventions or had some modern-day function within Trekdom at large.
He does. He acts as a liaison between many Star Trek actors and the convention organisers, and freelances as a consultant for numerous tie-in licensees.

This, I guess, leads me to another question...who was it that took over the Trek reins when Roddenberry died?
Rick Berman. I recall some corners of fandom actually being angry/shocked that Majel Barrett did not inherit GR's consultancy role.

Was it some Paramount appointee who had no affinity for Trek and therefore had no need for Arnold?
Guy Vardaman, Data's hand model, and a regular extra on TNG for all seven years, had been Richard Arnold's assistant for some time before 1991 and he continued on doing some of the Star Trek Archivist activities, solo, for Berman for several years after Arnold - and Susan Sackett - were dismissed. For example, Guy was the credited photo researcher on the GE Fabbri "Star Trek Fact Files".

Paula Block and John Van Citters continued to scutinize the tie-in proposals and final drafts of the comics and novels, plus all tie-in merchandise, for CBS Consumer Products. Prior to GR's death, Richard Arnold represented GR to make the Star Trek Office's opinions known on each of the tie-ins.
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