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Re: Robert Englan'ds STAR TREK: YEAR FIVE CGI with original cast voice

Finally got to see it now that I'm home.

I recognize a fair number of the models used. The bridge and phasers, possibly the communicators and tricorders look like the meshes available at Excalibur Productions. The engineering section and maybe aux' control by ALT1701. Chekov and Scott look like they were derived from the "James" mesh supplied with Poser since version 6. Uhura and Spock seem to be created with morphs by Mylochka (or variations thereof) applied to DAZ's Victoria 3 and Michael 3 respectively. I will admit that Kirk, McCoy and Sulu stump me. The alien may have been a substantially modified DAZ "Creeper", but I could well be flat out wrong.

The animation tools? I have no solid idea. I will say with confidence that neither Poser nor DAZ Studio could have created that volumetric "cloud" the ship encountered. Oh, I think the Enterprise may be Vektor's Constitution given we saw 8 impulse ports instead of the usual two.


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