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Re: Archer-Class Interior

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Thanks Mysterion, but that is the deck plans I've seen, which miss out where the fuel tanks are, what else is on the engineering deck and so forth. I will be buying the Vanguard books in the near future, until then I was looking to see if they mentioned anything more specific (I don't know why but I love deck plans and ship specs).
That's as detailed as I've seen anywhere, I'm afraid. If anyone else has got more, please share it with us!

The first Vanguard book does have a nice fold-out diagram of the station itself, though. Similar to the fold-out they did of USS Titan in that series. Here is a portion of it:

I'm also a big fan of ship's specs and deckplans, and am equally frstrated when the essentials seem to get left-out/over-looked.
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