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Re: How long do humans typically live in the 24th Century?

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I think whatever the answer is, it probably won't excuse having Checkov in Renegades.
McCoy was the oldest TOS crewmember and was alive in "Encounter at Farpoint". Chekov was the youngest of the TOS crew, so...
Chekov just appears like he's going to play the role of the Admiral giving orders. So an extra at best. I don't see an issue with him being behind a desk giving orders.

Is it campy? Sure as hell. But what do you expect? It's a fanfilm made by the hardcore fans at their own expense. It's to be expected. I personally think it's cool as heck, Koenig, Russ and so many others are jumping on board with this. I doubt it will be high quality at all, but it'll be some entertainment. I'm looking forward to this more than Into Darkness really.
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