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Re: Did Picard make the right decision with the Son'a/Baku

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The reason no one ever bothered to ask the Baku to move is quite simple. If they say yes, movie's over. If they say no, they look like first class jerks by putting their immortality above the welfare of billions. As it is, they're not very sympathetic to start with. Pretty much everyone involved in this movie makes an ass of themselves in one way or another. Excellent writing.
Another reason why I liked the original idea, though weirdly in that version the Romulans are a lot nicer to the natives than the federation is in the finished product. They're at least will to compensate the natives its just that they'll all die if they leave the planet in that version and at least its a slightly more justifiable move seeing as Federation and Romulan medical technology breaks down without the magufin. In this film it just sounds like a freaking vanity item they're trying to get especially after Picard's little speech to Soran about mortality being a good thing and who you shouldn't blow up poor innocent planets to be immortal or something.
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