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Re: Best female Star Trek Cast?

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She never meant to stay with the Kazon. Seska is a user, and she was using them as a stepping stone to bigger things. I think she was really deluded enough to think she could capture Voyager.
Well she did. So I wouldn't call it much of a delusion. The only thing Basics proved was that both sides were idiots.
Then what? Was she going to kill all the Kazon onboard and then start taking over the quadrant with only her baby and the EMH for company? Why not simply gas the ship when she was a crewmember a week after "Caretaker", revive the Maquis, leave the Starfleeters behind on a planet somewhere and head for home with her identity still intact?

The whole Seska storyline had no objective other than being a recurring badguy with a personal connection to the crew.
You're asking me? I'm not a writer on the staff. I can't dispute what you said that they wanted a personal villain. Just saying how it was. I'd have kept Seska around and dropped the Kazon period. Have her get found out as a Cardassian but not betray the crew(or get caught at least). A Cardassian perspective would've been interesting and she could try playing the Maquis and Starfleeters against each other.
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