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Re: My Theory about who Harrison is (Spoiler Alert)

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But it is a nod, a to US - honoring the show with a name WE can point to and say, hee-hee, it's that unconscious dude from Space Seed!
Right - a "nod" to the three people in the world who had any idea who "Harrison" was.

Ha ha ha
And of course they are intentionally making the Dreadnaughtprise look like the profile of doug drexlers refit NX art to pay homage to the hundreds of millions of fans and casual sci fi target demo audience members who would flock in droves to see a big budget extravaganza with Enterprise references

Guys it's Khan, it was announced and lukewarmly confirmed by trekmovie last week or two weeks ago now

They ain't making this movie for Trekkers
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