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Re: Enterprise D hull question

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I'd love to see some drawings of this; we may be making the same argument but in different ways and we're just confusing each other.

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I might dig up my old steels or reinforced concrete textbooks from college to see if I can come up with a somewhat sensible interpretation of the frame. The performance specs in the tech manual (the gravitational accelerations) could come in handy to figure that out...

Well, these are made of Duranium and Tritanium... which are fun fiction... not concrete and steel. But, if you have the math mojo to reverse engineer from the performance specs in the tech manual, that could be fun to read.

Nahhh... Not really that interested. But the idea is that the structural mechanics are the same, it's just the material properties that have changed. All you're doing is applying a force to a series of interconnected beams - that's sophomore structural analysis for most Civil Engineering majors (not that I could have solved a frame like this my sophomore year)
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