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Re: STID: The ‘Other' Starship / [Spoiler]

Frankly, I am surprised by WarpFactorZ's stance. As a college science teacher, I would think that he would be exposed to and using the techniques of the scientific method to form his hypothesis. However, judging by his words, I feel that he is misrepresenting himself as a scientist for he isn't using this method to form a hypothesis on the size of the Enterprise. I feel that if you are going to say that x is the same size of y that you need to say more than that x has the exact same shape as y. (This statement is already false, as there are significant differences between the two ships. A carbon copy is an exact match for the original.)

When I raised the hangar deck observations, I was expecting that he would respond with something more in alignment with his occupation, where, if even if he is wrong, he would at least set out proofs and demonstrations of his hypothesis that x is smaller than the stated dimensions.
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