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"Battle of the Planets" (1978 TV) live-action feature remake

From wikipedia about the original show:
"Battle of the Planets" (1978-1985) is an American adaptation of the Japanese anime series "Science Ninja Team Gatchaman" (1972). Of the 105 original Gatchaman episodes, 85 were used in the Battle of the Planets adaptation
Warner Brothers attempted to get an animated movie off the ground, a few years ago they finally gave up on the endlessly delayed project but the Japanese have continued to work on their own adaptation.
the WB version was going to be CGI wikipedia said.

Directed by Toya Sato (Kaiji, Gokusen), with screenplay by Yūsuke Watanabe (20th Century Boys, Gantz, Bloody Monday, Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods)
The five serve as agents of the International Science Organization in Tokyo in the near future. Galactor, a mysterious group whose technology far surpasses that of humans, has declared war on the entire world and has already subjugated half of it. A mysterious crystal-like object called a "stone," is humanity's only hope. Those who are able to draw out the power of the "stones" are forced to train to become special agents in a five-person team called "Gatchaman."
Japan release august 24, no USA release date.

Probably a Blu-ray release in North America but unknown of English dialogue dub. It may just be subtitles...

Teaser trailer of 23 seconds here at the link. [only closeups of 3 actors with suits on and graphics -very unrevealing]


I like the costume design and would like to see some actual action in a teaser trailer.
After seeing the BotP intro again on youtube i did watch this series in the early 1980s while growing up. I always loved that phoenix firebird.
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