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Re: "What You Leave Behind" Line-by-Line

[O'Brien's quarters]
(The O'Briens leaving a pile of packing crates. Miles spots the missing Colonel Travis on the floor as Minstrel Boy plays, and we are treated to a montage of memories. The Alamo model, the secret agent holoprogramme, putting his dislocated shoulder back, the tribbles, meals, racquetball, getting drunk with Julian.)

(Martok goes into the airlock and Worf takes a last look around. He remembers his arrival on the station, the secret agent holoprogramme, making love to Ezri, fighting Gowron, hanging upside down with Ezri. Ezri waves goodbye from the upper level.)

[Odo's quarters]
(Odo gives Kira his old bucket, and remembers the plant he put in it, dancing at Vic's, the first kiss on the Promenade and when he morphed over her.)

(Quark polishes glasses and remembers him and Odo stranded on the cold planet, Miles and Julian as Battle of Britain pilots, Rom pouring liquid in his ear, not catching a baseball, seeing Fontaine's Eight walk along the Promenade.)

[Sisko's quarters]
(Jake takes a model chair from the house that Sisko built, and remembers when his dad told him they were going to DS9, the hugs, the laughter, the solar- wind powered spaceship.)

KIRA: You sure you want to leave without saying goodbye?
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