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Re: Your own personal continuity

-NOTHING established in The Animated Series is canon. (Just grew up with this assumption. Plus it dispenses with trying to reconcile the Kzin Wars with established history).

-Archer became an Admiral, an Ambassador to Andoria, and President of the Federation, in that order. He died in 2245 after attending the commissioning of the Connie Enterprise. The "Admiral Archer" mentioned in Abrams-Trek is a descendant and his/her "prize beagle" is NOT Porthos but simply another dog adopted out of the family's traditional fondness for the breed.

-Shran's name is NOT "Thy'lek Shran" or "Hravishran th'Zoarhi". It's just Shran.

-The Battle of Cheron during the Romulan War did NOT take place on, around, or anywhere near Bele and Lokai's homeworld.

-Captain Harriman, despite his rocky start, was in fact a very good captain who commanded the Enterprise-B for several years.

-Captain Picard commanded one or two other ships in the eight and a half years between the loss of the Stargazer and the launch of the Enterprise-D.

-The Prometheus' registry was NX-74913, not NX-59650. The Yamato's was NCC-71807, not NCC-1305-E. The new Defiant retained its Sau Paulo registration of NCC-75633. It did NOT take the previous Defiant's NX registry.

-All classes and registries for off-screen starshpis given in the Star Trek Encyclopedia are canon, except when contradicted by on-screen evidence.

-Conversely, NONE of the ridiculous starship names and registries glimpsed for fraction of a second on the screen readouts in "Conspiracy" are canon.

-There were initially six Galaxy class ships commissioned in the early 2360's. They were, in order, the Galaxy, the Yamato, the Enteprise, the Odyssey, the Venture, and the Challenger. (The Challenger's seemingly low registry in "Timeless" was a misread). Construction on several more began soon after, however, and several dozen had been commissioned by the time of the Dominion War.

-Following the launch of Enterprise NX-01 and Columbia NX-02, at least four more NX class ships would be launch by Earth Starfleet in the 2150's, following the naming patterns of NASA's Space Shuttle of the 1980's. Thus, the first two were soon followed by Challenger NX-03, Atlantis NX-04, Discovery NX-05, and Endeavor NX-06.

-A handful of Excelsior-variants were commissioned in the late 23rd to mid 24th century for long-term deep space exploration missions. They had a different color scheme and extended primary and secondary hulls to make room for more storage space for supplies and stronger impulse engines. Ships of this type included the Enterprise-B and the Lakota. Ultimately, few vessels of this type would be constructed, however, and the original Excelsior configuration would become the most prolific class of ship in Starfleet well into the mid-to-late 24th Century.

-The Enterprise-A was originally to be christened under a different name in 2286, but following the destruction of the Enterprise, it was decided to name it after the first vessel. Due to the celebrated history of the previous ship with that name, they even gave the vessel the same registry, something Starfleet would not do for any other vessel name. (The ship would retain a more sequential, albeit seldom-used registry in some readouts, as would future ships with that name). Several at Starfleet Command were disappointed by this, however, having hoped that the second Enterprise would be Excelsior class ship, wanting the prestigious name attached to a new class of ship, rather than one decades old. Thus, with the first Excelsior-variant nearing completion in 2293, and the Enterprise-A having sustained heavy damage during the Battle of Khitomer, it was decided to decommission the Enterprise-A and christen the new ship as the Enterprise-B. The Enterprise-A was subsequently placed on display at the Fleet Museum, along with the NX-01 and several other distinguished ships.

-There was only ONE USS Melbourne and it was an Excelsior-class ship.
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