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Re: Just dying for a Rendezvous with Rama movie!

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I have avoided reading any of the RAMA sequels...
I've heard nothing but horrible things about the sequels and I must admit, I've read them... while they lack some of the magic of book one I found them enjoyable... I know I'm waaaay in the minority on that one. I especially liked the parts at the Raman node and the refurbishing of a Rama craft...

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...getting out to the asteroid belt and hauling back that enormous rock of platinum that would redistribute the balance of wealth on this world by magnitudes.) You could end that film on the hook of RAMA's opening.
Interesting. I've heard the same argument with other precious materials, but was always told it would destroy the world economy.

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My thought has been that you include aspects of Boris into the Jimmy character, so you have somebody who has a different spiritual belief system, and that would be a good baseline for conflict.
Sure, some retooling is conceivable character wise but please, no flying bike! That we can update I think. As long as they refer to Boris as a cosmo christer. Too funny!

I hope someone is trying to work on a screenplay, I still know it would work.
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