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Re: Did Picard make the right decision with the Son'a/Baku

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Much like how you were arguing about the real legal systems until I pointed out how they don't actually support your argument like you think they do, then suddenly we don't know how the federation works even after I pointed out their onscreen expansion policy which goes against this issue.
Unless you're just putting words in my mouth, point out where I argued any real legal systems? You're the one bringing up legality or just don't seem to know the difference between legality and morality.

So the federation just changes their laws in secret basically whenever its convenient? how very noble of them
As for changing laws when convenient? It happens all the time. Who said anything about it being noble? Again if you want to argue the morality of it, do that. Stop bringing up the legality of it.

Which disagrees with you so you use real law without any actual knowledge of how it works until it disagrees with you

I'm sensing a pattern here.
Again.. where did I bring up any real law? Stop putting words in my mouth or bother to read who's posting what if you want to be taken seriously. The only pattern I'm sensing here is you're either not paying attention or just seeing what you want to see to fit your vague argument whatever it may be.

Until you bitch at them then its not legal apparently besides since when has the admiral character opposing the main heroes ever been right in the entire history of the franchise to that point.
Apparently. That's how the script roles. It was poorly written and everything just ends happily... because they say so. Certainly not for any tangible reason beyond that.
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