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Re: Did Picard make the right decision with the Son'a/Baku

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I don't recall the Ba'Ku's original homeworld joining the Federation at any point during or before the events of the film.
The baku were NOT on their original homeworld.
They settled a planet belonging to one of the species which will subsequently joined the federation.
That makes the baku tresspassers.
And when the f@#k was that ever stated in the movie NOBODY lives in the f@#king Briar Patch accept the Ba'ku
It's called deduction - based on what was established in the movie (federation teritory) and the federation's territorial policies (how does space become federation territory).
I just explained it - twice over - in some detail. Do try to keep up.

The baku tresspassed on territory belonging to a future federation member species.
Guess what? That makes them tresspassers, regardless of whether the star system was inhabited or not.

No I'm pointing out how full of crap the eminent dominant argument being bandied about by people who apparently didn't bother to look the term up is and how its probably being used to make their argument look legitimate.
And all you've managed to point out is how full of crap your argument is; how little you bothered to research the eminent domain laws.

Hell the fact that this was done in secret apparently already leads me to think the term Political S@#tstorm for the Mass Effect games would apply here as everyone and the grandma is going to be commenting on it with their opinions you know like Ru'afo DIDN'T WANT TO HAPPEN which is why he wanted to MURDER the Enterprise crew.
And again you only manage to point out the weakness of your argument - now resorting to cheap/irrelevant tricks such as ~'the baku won't be moved out because random person x and y won't care how many billions will suffer'?

And about that due trial? Well, who cares what it will establish, yes? You certainly don't.

So - eminent domain laws don't support your argument; your argument was proven some posts ago as morally falimentary.
What's left for you?

Baseless repetition. A, yes - and ad persoams.

So, if the baku are given due process, you would agree with the decision of moving them?
No I just felt you should no the actually definition of the word that gets thrown around like the people using it (incorrectly I might add) like they even know what it means when they again apparently DO NOT![...]
And again, you unintentionally draw attention to your own ignorance of eminent domain legislation.

Seriously. Look it up - you are embarassing yourself.
"Let truth and falsehood grapple ... Truth is strong" - John Milton
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