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Re: April Art Challenge - Flux Capacitor

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I'm with Finn on this one. It's just one Federation ship firing on another, and there's no context at all without knowing the history behind the image. Subtle lighting does not a beast make.
Hold on! are there any Star Trek fans on this board who don't get the context here?

This is like stumbling into a catholic church and seeing a sculpture of some lanky sad looking dude on a cross and asking for the context.

Really? We get it.

Fine, so let's put it in context as Star Trek fans.

In this context, Reliant herself isn't the beast. The beast is the genetically engineered a-hole that hijacked her. Do you see an image of Khan anywhere? No. Do you see any of his crew? No. What you see here is one Federation Starship firing on (but not yet hitting) another Federation Starship, and, I reiterate, two contemporaneous Federation Starships alone in one shot does not provide enough contrast to name one "Beauty" and one "Beast", no matter how much red lighting you add.
I got what the image was the second I saw it.

The Enterprise\Reliant battle is probably the most well known Star Trek battle ever. You don't need to see Khan. We're on a Star Trek board and the Fan Art section is populated by people who are so enthralled by Star Trek that they feel compelled to make art about it. The people visiting Fan Art love the show enough to view amateur artwork based on Star Trek. It's safe to say they got what Flux was going for here.
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