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Re: why is there no more talk of a new star trek tv series?

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The thing is, a new series doesn't have to build off ENT. If anything it will either build off the movies (most likely) or off the TNG-era continuity (unlikely but possible). In either case it will be able to be connected to previous success rather than failure.

Remember, TOS was a network failure, but it still managed to spawn the rest of the franchise. The cancellation of ENT after four seasons, just like the cancellation of TOS after three, and TAS after two seasons is not enough to consider the franchise as a whole, a failure on TV. In fact, I would say that it's the most successful SF franchise in the history of TV.
The thing is... the TV networks don't care about what area of Trek continuity a new series is building off of. They care about ratings.
Those parts are true.
The first thing they'll look at is the last series, Enterprise, and point out their abysmal ratings and ask why they should fund another expensive sci-fi show when they can bring in some college students, get them drunk, and make a new reality series for the fraction of the cost that's bound to get better ratings.
And this part isn't quite true. ENT ended eight years ago and counting. In Hollywood, it's ancient history at this point and won't be a deciding factor in a new Trek TV series (otherwise, we would never have gotten TNG because TOS was cancelled due to abysmal ratings).

What really will decide whether or not there'll be a new Trek series is if CBS thinks it's currently profitable to do one today.
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