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Re: Did Picard make the right decision with the Son'a/Baku

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I didn't hear anything about a Supreme Court ruling in the movie? I've never even heard anything about a Federation Supreme Court... you're kind of making things up..
In general I'm pointing out that in real life the U.S. Supreme Court can strike down laws passed by Congress to point out that the "if the law makers pass it its legal argument"

I though that was a fair thing to do what with real legal terms were used to justify your side of the argument. Funny how that isn't the case anymore when its pointed out that they actually don't.

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And then they changed their minds at the end after a quick call from Riker...
They halted it for 'review' (per the movie) for all we know they relocated the Ba'ku afterward anyway.
The fact that Picard wasn't court-martialed and Geordi still uses ocular implants and that these game changing particles did not seem to be in use added to the fact that the Son'a seemed to be try to reconcile with the Ba'ku and the major proponents of the relocation were dead one of which was murdered by the other one who then died trying to kill everyone tends to support the argument that they didn't.
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