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Re: Your own personal continuity

  • Robert April was the first Captain of the Enterprise
  • Enterprise, NCC-1701 was launched around 2230 and had many more captains than April, Pike and Kirk.
  • 5 year missions are not standard, 5 years is just the maximum time a Constitution-Class starship can operate between major overhauls.
  • Kirk commanded the Enterprise for 2-3 years after TMP and then was transferred to another newly refit Connie, which he commanded for 2-3 years before being transferred to the Academy.
  • Between Kirk's second tour on the Enterprise and Spock assuming command, the ship was commanded by Cpt Gregory Westlake.
  • Earth fought 4 "wars" with the Kzin in the mid to late 21st Century. Not sure how or why, but they did.
  • The Enterprise was not Jim Kirk's first command. He commanded at least one Destroyer-Class vessel as a Commander & possibly one other ship as a Captain.
  • Saavik was half-Romulan
  • The Eugenics Wars were fought in the 1990s and were NOT a secret war.
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