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Re: Dallas - Season 2

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Ann, because I get that she's the modern day Miss Ellie and matriarch of the family, ...
How is she the modern Miss Ellie? Ellie was the matriarch at Southfork, it was her home, she grew up there and tried to keep the family together on the ranch. Ann is just a chick who moved in after she married Bobby, she's the new Pam.

Ann is also much nicer than Miss Ellie, the latter was an annoying cow who was close to a nervous breakdown every time one of her adult sons wanted to leave her house. She also silently approved of Lucy's kidnapping, Elli was a bitch and if I owned Southfork I would start drilling just out of spite.
Now that I think about Ellie I remember Jock, who was an even bigger asshole, in fact all of the Ewings were a bunch of unsympathetic jerks. I guess that's what made the show fun.
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