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Re: Brannon Braga: Not a Diane Carey Fan?

Christopher wrote: View Post
What "damage" did Levine do to Who tie-ins? I looked him up on the DW Wiki, but it doesn't say much beyond that he was the "unofficial continuity consultant" in the '80s.
Levine had no influence on Who tie-ins. At the time, there weren't Who tie-ins in the way there were Star Trek tie-ins.

The self-referential continuity of the early JNT era (up to the cancellation crisis) is Levine's legacy. Levine encouraged JNT to bring back as many old monsters and characters as possible, with "Attack of the Cybermen" (which Levine may or may not have cowritten, depending upon who is telling the story) as the high point. Levine's influence was over a period in the series' history when it shed its audience and went into critical decline, due in large part to no longer being mass entertainment but rather a series pitched at fans.

Christopher wrote: View Post
And the "multi-platform synergy" of other franchises is overrated.
Perhaps. But I imagine that Pocket would have been happier and Star Trek novels would have sold better if fans hadn't been told repeatedly that the books didn't count.

In other words, Richard Arnold encouraged fans not to spend their money on the tie-ins.
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