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Re: Your own personal continuity

sbk1234 wrote: View Post
Most of these gel pretty well with what I've always imagined (except for a second 5-year-mission. I've never seen the need for it.)
Between TMP and TWOK is when Kirk left Starfleet, got the cabin in the woods, and met Antonia. When he told her he was going back to Starfleet, it was to be an instructor at the academy. Kirk was never the Admiral in charge of the academy.

Herkimer Jitty wrote: View Post
Deflector shields, warp 7 engines, transporters, etc. took Vulcans 2500 years to perfect. Humanity only caught up because we were able to mooch off of them.
In the mid 22nd century the Vulcans had starships that cruised at warp 7. In the 23rd century, the Enterprise cruised at warp 6. Not only weren't the Vulcans sharing before the Federation was formed, they weren't exactly sharing a century after either.

The Mirrorball Man wrote: View Post
The salt creature from M-113 eats sugar, not salt.
That's the reason it's teeth looked the way they did.

There's no such thing as a holodeck either. They just imagine things because they're really bored and depressed.
The "holodeck" is where the crew went to drop acid. They just sat on the floor and hallucinated.

This also explains the entire episode of "Inner Light," except Picard did his acid lying on the carpet in the middle of the bridge.

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Andorians have 4 sexes
And their orgies are epic.

Humans are a minority in Starfleet. The ship's we've seen with lots of human-looking crewmembers are the exception (even then, most of those crewmen will be of alien origin--unless specifically stated they are human).
Scotty himself is an alien, despite his name.

Human Beings have ten fingers ... not nine.

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