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Re: Your own personal continuity

- there is more than one "mirror universe" contimuum. Therefore all the latter depictions of the MU are equally valid (DSN, ENT, novels, etc). After all TNG told us that there at least 185-thousand distinct realities (can't remember the exact number off-hand, but it was a lot!).

- Arex was an Edoan. NOT a triexian or whatever Peter David called him.

- Despite protestations from various fronts, Starfleet is a military organization.

- Only one ship ever got a letter suffix added to it's hull number and that was Enterprise.

- the "arrowhead" was always the overall insignia for Starfleet. the other insignia seen in TMP we not emblems for specific ships, but for sub-sommands of the fleet. Enterprise folks wore the arrowhead because they were working directly for Fleet command.

- If I had been in charge of the movies, Spock would still be dead. All STIII and STIV do is erase STII. Spock's dead? Nope, just kidding. Kirk has a son? Sorry, we'll take care of that. Enterprise destroyed? Nah, look over there - we got a new one! Feh. If you're gonna tell the big stories, have the balls to deal with the consequences honestly.
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