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MIRROR DARKLY-seven years old. Still hold up? Your thoughts.

Nearly seven years (the lenght of every other new Trek except ENT unfortunatly) have passed since the airing of IAMR.
At its initial airing there was much acclaim about the episode. I was just wondering what fans think now so far removed from the hype.

In my opinion the hype and praise still are justified. This was an amazing outing, a perfect sequel to TW for anyone who ever wondered (as I did) what happened to the DEFIANT. And to see a TOS starship in operation was just an amazing thing.

The only points I would take away from it are
1. I wish we could have gotten to the Defiant more quickly in part 1.
2. The Gorn stuff feels tacked on and unecessary
and awesome as the ending was for Hoshi five minutes after the credits roll you realize how ridiculous it is for her to declare herself emperor because to hold onto her power she is a prisoner of the DEFIANT forever. What fun is being emperor if you are stuck in orbit in a star ship.

That said-again this was a phenomenal episode and showed the promise this series had that was sadly truncated just when it was getting really good. UPN descendant CW would KILL for the ratings now that ENT was getting then.
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