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Re: When exactly did Marla McGivers die?

Hello everyone,

Timo, I'm glad you couldn't spot any immediate impossibilities in my idea, since that's sort of an acid test, as far as I'm concerned. As to the stardates, I'm afraid my version of “Star Trek” tries to have its cake and eat it, so to speak. The stardates are used to place events, except when they aren't. Although there's no real implicit or “correct” order for the stories in the original series, I thought that not overlapping or intermingling the seasons and animated stories would be a good idea. In the particular case of “Catspaw”, it was intended as a halloween story, originally broadcast on 27th October 1967. Since I personally think there's a point where you have to stop being too serious, I placed “Catspaw” on 31st October, 2266, well after my stardate-placed “Space Seed”, and in keeping with the intent of the production team. Foxhot did originally ask if anyone had tried to work out dates and stardates, and I make absolutely no claims that anyone has to take my ideas seriously. I just hope they're amusing, and suggest something new in ground that's undoubtedly well-trodden.

As for the timing of Kirk's return visit, there are limits: The two bits of “Star Trek: Generations” happen 78 years apart, putting an upper limit of Kirk's presence in the 23rd century at 2293ish. Given that Sulu has been on a 3 year mission in “Star Trek VI”, then films II-V can't be any earlier than 2289, or 90 if you push everything to the limit. This is still a bit short for Admiral Morrow's “20 years” reference, since the refit Enterprise isn't launched until 2273, but the absolute latest the return trip to Ceti Alpha can be is 2275. I admit it's something that you can argue either way, since Kirk reverts to being a captain in “Star Trek: The Motion Picture”, but Khan is genuinely astonished that Kirk is an admiral. It's a suggestion that any return trip was prior to the first film, putting it in the last bit of the five-year mission or immediately after.

Ignoring Harry “the oldest ensign in Starfleet” Kim, Data's quick rundown of either his own career, or a “typical” Starfleet career in “Datalore” suggests that three years is normal at ensign grade. This is the only really good clue as to how long Chekov serves on the Enterprise at that grade, and it makes me think that he wasn't on the ship at all for the first season, or for the animated shows. This also fits in with the actual production history. Your interpretation of all these fictional facts is likely to be entirely different, and just as valid, but it led me to place the hypothetical return trip where I did.

I'm not sure how closely Khan = nazi, but given the wide ethnic variation of the original supermen, I'm not convinced that there would be the opportunity for “racial cleansing”, or that “superior beings” would put themselves into that kind of genetic bottleneck. I still think that the “next generation” of supermen seen in “Star Trek II” are people who went into suspended animation with Khan as teenagers, and are in their late 20s and their 30s when we see them. If they look younger, it's because they have good genes.

Timewalker, I have to guess that you don't like my sense of humour, which is your right. I don't like to discuss canon. It always seems to get nasty. Frank Cannon is something else entirely.

Your point about Kirk not returning is a reasonable one, but has to be placed against the huge social taboo against genetic manipulation in “Star Trek” humanity, as shown in the story of Julian Bashir. Not only is there a planet where “Star Trek”'s answer to Hitler is establishing a whole society with his closest followers, they're all filthy abnormal creatures as well. What draws Kirk back to Ceti Alpha V, and what happens when he gets there, can be as mundane or exciting as you please. It still doesn't answer the really big boo-boo in “Wrath of Khan”: if Chekov knows the supermen were exiled to Ceti Alpha V, why doesn't visiting the Ceti Alpha system jog his memory sooner? Unless he's almost certain they're all dead? Looked at from that direction, the whole story suddenly seems a lot bleaker than just not bothering to check back regularly.

On that cheery note, best wishes to all!

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