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Re: Kirk Enterprise - the Enterprise(a)?

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According to the comic tie-ins, there was an Enterprise NCC-1701 immedately prior to the one seen in the last movie. According to just the films themselves, maybe not, we'll see.

It's worth noting that in Harve Bennett's almost-made movie Star Trek: The Academy Years, there would have been a pre-TOS USS Enterprise commanded by Captain Gregory Thorpe. And of course the Enterprise TV series already squished one more Enterpise into the past of the Trekverse.
The problem (if you can call it that) hangs around TNG and DS9 setting a number of Federation starships named Enterprise. Now that is the "Prime" timeline so it really doesn't matter to the reboot timeline. And even in the "Prime" universe you could probably crowbar in another Enterprise if the Powers That Be really wanted to.
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