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Re: Animated nuTrek concept art

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Lol, i just like how everyone here is getting so mad at the poor guy... I'm sure they will pick a modern animation style if/when it gets green-lit. Hey, someone start a poll offering 5 different animation styles, and see what wins for what people here want to see. That might be interesting to see.

It won't satisfy everyone, nothing does, but what can ya do!
Thanks for the support, 22 Stars.

Like I said, I'm not entirely against the idea of a cartoon as done in the manner mentioned by the OP (I did mention that I liked the style used in Rise Of The Guardians as seen on Jack Frost when played by Chris Pine; maybe that style could be used to animate Captain Kirk and Spock), I just don't know if a Star Trek cartoon would be taken seriously by many fans if said style were used (especially if the idea is to do a serious cartoon like TAS was.) Maybe it should be done as a cel animated cartoon instead-in fact, I have just the style it could be done in, and the studio that could do it, based on what they've done here with this character in this upcoming DTV DVD: (watch it in fullscreen to get the best effect).
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