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Re: New 'Star Wars' movies will arrive every summer following 'Episode

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This is really no different than the Marvel Cinematic Universe and we've maintained a relatively high level of quality with the worst films being just decent, which is going to get even bigger as time goes on. They're working out two or three movies every year for the foreseeable future culminating in Avengers 2.

I guess if we look at the "Trilogy" films as Avengers and all of the other standalone films as the Marvel solo movies, one per year doesn't really seem that excessive. And it's unlikely that the creative staff will be doing one movie per year, but different creative teams per film (writers, directors, actors, ect) with a few people overseeing the entire project/universe like the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I don't think one Star Wars film per year is really that bad when looking at it this way.
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