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Re: Your own personal continuity

Even though I'm not a Star Wars fan, I love their approach to continuity and when looking at the big picture, apply it to the Star Trek mythology - the episodes, movies, novels etc:

The analogy is that every piece of published Star Wars fiction is a window into the 'real' Star Wars universe. Some windows are a bit foggier than others. Some are decidedly abstract. But each contains a nugget of truth to them.

That said, I enjoy everything on its own merits. When I read a ancient novel where Sulu is from Alpha Mensa III, I don't see it as wrong, just an earlier extrapolation from the then-smaller Trek canon. In the context of that story, he is from that world and not San Francisco.

In other words, I'm pretty laid back about it. Or I like to think I am, at least.
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