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Re: Franz Joseph Blueprints Revisited

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The whole "a work is better if it is based on actual behind-the-scenes material" argument doesn't hold much water with me.
I'm not sure I interpret your statement correctly, but IMHO the behind-the-scenes material would refer to the deck functions laid out in The Making of Star Trek which FJ followed blindly and which is sometimes not compatible with the actual on-screen information (e.g. according to "Amok Time", "Elaan of Troyius" and possibly "The Day of the Dove" sickbay is on Deck 5, not Deck 7).

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I find set blueprints and the like to be fascinating artifacts, but a fictional spaceship like the Enterprise exists in the imagination, largely inspired by what we see and hear on our television or theater screens.
I'd say that most of the sickbay visualizations were compatible with the studio set blueprints so I fail to understand why FJ simply ignored these. IMHO, the main reason to have blueprints of any given vessel, is orientation and guidance, not confusion or fantasy.

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Sets evolve over time as well, as demanded by production needs or artistic whim. Which arrangement(s) are to be taken as "gospel" for blueprinting purposes?
If possible all arrangements, of course, if that's not possible the arrangement that answers more questions than it raises new ones, IMHO.

It is a time-consuming and difficult effort (a jigsaw puzzle is a walk in the park for comparison), and for deck 5 / astro-medicine ward 4 (sickbay probably extends down to deck 7...) I first had to compile all visual sickbay information from TOS during the past weeks (would you like a copy?) before I started to assemble the corridors in what I hope will be the most palatable presentation (I might be able to publish my draft in the "Fan Art" section this weekend).

The one thing that apparently is not possible is to "freeze" door signs, direction markers and the many (tiny) sickbay changes (including all the variations between Season Two and Three) permanently for certain sections.

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