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Re: 50th Anniversary Story Official Thread

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A few days ago, for example, someone (Brendan Moody ?)said that maybe only 50,000 people would care about Paul McGann's Eighth Doctor. Fair enough point but surely he's at least as important as Hurt's Doctor? Those who don't already know him can come to be interested in him at least as easily as they can become interested in Hurt's Doctor.
The difference is that John Hurt is, to use your words, an acting titan, and Paul McGann (although he's very good as the Doctor, particularly in the better Big Finish audios) is not. I'm not sure I buy this "secret Doctor" notion, except possibly as a fake-out, but from a promotional perspective, "One of Britain's most famous actors plays a past Doctor" is a bigger deal than "the 'I' from Withnail and I plays a past Doctor."
I suspect you're probably right about the 'secret Doctor' (or not) point (though might some misdirection there not be a bit too close to The Next Doctor Xmas special from a few years ago?).

I'm not necessarily sure I agree with you about the publicity that Hurt brings as oppose to that which McGann would bring. By and large, the people who have no idea that Paul McGann was the 8th Doctor probably don't know who John Hurt is either. And those who know who Hurt is but aren't interested in DW won't necessarily tune in just because he happens to be in it. I think the return of any Doctor to the show tends to get a lot of publicity, in the same way that when the show brought back the Daleks, Cybermen, Davros, The Master etc it garnered a lot of publicity.

Anyway, whatever role Hurt is playing, I doubt it's at the expense of a classic Doctor. It'll turn out that what Hurt's character is doing couldn't, for plot reasons, have been done by McGann or Davison or whoever.
Yeah, I think that's very likely. If that is the case, his presence won't bother me at all; indeed, if the rumours are true about his role, they probably have cast someone other than the classic Doctors for this very reason. But it would bother me if I think that the role was essentially interchangeable with a classic Doctor. But no point speculating just yet.

On a related note, I think people need to let go of the idea that this being marketed as the 50th anniversary special means it's more likely or more obligated to integrate the classic series in some way. Unfortunately, "50th anniversary" is more a marketing opportunity, a brand, than a content description. It's an excuse to sell more merchandise and do one more "event" episode of the current version of the series, with the same indifference to 1963-1996 as ever. I wish it could be different, but the popular perception of one continuous series that allowed big continuity fests in 1973, 1983, and 1993 no longer exists.
I don't agree with this at all. We have had references to the classic Doctors and their pictures onscreen, we've had Sarah Jane back, we've had references to the Brigadier and his offspring, the return of classic villains etc.
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