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Re: The 11-foot TOS Enterprise model-

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If you compare photos from that time that have both the top of the saucer and the rest of the ship it seems pretty obvious that it was repainted (a different color no less). Compare the rim of the saucer with the top of it in the below photos; the top is a different color. Make your own judgement but I know what the evidence tells me. Also, when the miniature was uncrated; there were numerous sheets of replacement decals that could have been easily applied to replace the originals after the painting. Again, believe what you want but I see people so dogmatic in what they believe that they are not open to any other options.
And this works both ways, doesn't it?

Again, in the Galileo restoration thread we had already discussed the issue. My Name Is Legion provided one of the original (1960's) promotional stills (post # 68) and I provided a link to the Cloudster close-up shot of the saucer's underside (post # 75) - an extreme close-up shot taken after the 1980's "restoration" (starboard porthole gone missing, forward nacelle cup underside "diffused") - that still revealed the original pencil lines on the saucer's starboard underside which match the original pencil lines of the promotional shot and the Enterprise's regular series appearance.

Now, unless somehow wants to seriously claim that during the 1980's restoration they painstakingly restored those tiny pencil lines (not visible to the Smithsonian visitors in the first place) on a fresh paint, I'd say this particular area was still the original color scheme (and apparently the color appears to match the rest of the ship, i.e. below the saucer's top side.)

The one option nobody seems to consider possible is that the top side of the saucer received a (new) paint job when the pilot version model was prepped for the regular series...

If I'm not mistaken the "7" of 1701 was suddenly different and additionally we had this "rust zone" paint scheme in the bow section of the saucer, that hadn't been there previously (and, of course, the tiny pencil lines).

I take this as a strong hint, that it had been the saucer's top side of the model that got a paint job while the rest of the model retained its original color.

I'm most definitely not trying to be dogmatic regarding the issue but I feel looking at all the hints, information and visual materials warrants to doubt general claims like "the top side was the only area not affected by a subsequent paint job".

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