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Re: Subplots and Mini-Arcs

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Something that's sort of unique to Star Trek TNG is the presence of mini-arcs that will have one or two usually non-consecutive episodes per season. In a way TNG is a show comprised predominantly of mini-arcs, as opposed to being a serial with one overarching arc.
I think you're misusing the term "story arc".

And to say TNG was a show "comprised predominantly of mini-arcs"??? Surely TNG was a show comprised predominantly of standalone episodes - and was the better for it.

I'll give you the Klingon saga, but "the Barclay episodes". Besides the fact that the character recurred a few times, there's no "story arc" in the generally-accepted definition of the term. There's barely even a "character arc".

I get what you mean, just don't think they constitute story arcs. Perhaps it's better to say that every now and again, TNG would revisit an earlier plot point/character and you liked it (I did too, incidentally!)
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