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Re: Marvel Now/ReEvolution Ongoing Discussion (Spoilers)

The universe is big.

Meanwhile after "Skrull Kill krew", I have some reservations about how Skrulls breed that they could be as much a virus/infestation as the Brood. I imagine that old Skrulls at the end of their life cycle break down infecting the proximate food table, transforming predators and vermin alike into Skrulls... What about bugs? If you eat a Skrull, you become a Skrull. Surely flies and maggots could be modified by feeding on a skull but d they have the brains to receive the Skrull race-memory which is like what the Goul'd from Stargate have... Although millions of flies could composite into a single Skrull? However, in modern times I can see millions of old dead (Soylent Green?) Skrulls diced, juiced and boiled until they're collectively a giant wad of reproductive sputum that's going to be loaded into a mass driver and thrown at a planet. of course they may do this when they want more soldiers, but it's not a good move if you're after a planets resources because your space empire now has to be responsible for the billions of Skrulls on planet X which is a poor exchange for superfrakking for oil, because the old Skrulls will not want to fight their babies upset that their home is being gutted.

Skrulls can survive in space, but can they get into space under their own power from a planetary surface? If they can launch them selves or just float up and then breath hard vacuum, ancient Skrulls must have been space faring before they probably had culture.

But much like the Bugs from Starship Troopers, but travelling at sublight speeds, I can see the viral expansion of the Skrulls to be pandemic even if it takes millions of years and the Kree would have to deal with this, tracking down interstellar space seeds mid route before they root galaxy after galaxy.

Of course with there being a fantastic difference between modern civilized Skrulls and barbaric space herpes Skrulls, it's likely that these two would not get along whenever they crossed paths. The Skrulls in Space Ships with millions of years of culture would see this as a question of quality control that they would have to whack their embarrassing cousins as well because they're letting the side down.


Lyja Storm's "egg" which she laid was a practical joke to buy time until Johnny Storm fell back in love with her after the truth had been revealed about how he had been sleeping with the enemy.

Do you think the real Johnny Storm ever looks at the real Alicia Masters and licks his lips wondering how authentic his sexual adventures with the photostatic copy of that woman he wedded blissfully might have been?
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