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Re: A few interesting Science videos...

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The ISS detects some Dark Matter in Cosmic Rays...
Dark matter is an ad hoc non-explanation invented to gloss over the failing of gravity to account for the shape and movement of galaxies. One might as well call it "magic matter." It is non-baryonic and detectable only by its gravitational effects—at least that's the hypothesis. No one has detected any yet. And antimatter has been generated in labs without the help of dark matter. A proper scientist would revisit the original premise that gravity alone drives the universe.

Pulsars are another ad hoc detour into fantasyland based on the premise that a rotating body is sweeping us with its radio beams. Some pulsars have frequencies so high that no known matter could stand the centrifugal naturally someone invented an "unknown" type of matter that experience tells us should not be able to exist. That is, bare neutrons "evaporate" in about 14 minutes, and fly apart when forced into proximity with other neutrons. So neutronium, or neutron stars (the alleged core of a pulsar) cannot exist. A good scientist would revisit the original assumption that pulsar frequencies are due to rotation.

And supernovas "don't work." Computer models are not reality, as one can program anything to happen. Yet repeated attempts to model stars cannot produce a nova explosion. At best, the stars fizzle out. Ergo, there is something wrong with the mainstream astrophysical explanation of how stars work.

A video that explains how Parallax and Redshifting are used to measure interstellar distances...
The Doppler effect is only one of several mechanisms for creating a redshift in Fraunhofer lines. (Yet even Wikipedia's definition of redshift begins with a statement about the Doppler effect.) There is abundant work throwing the "Hubble constant" into question, but you won't hear about it from pop science sources.

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