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Re: When did voyager go wrong?

Year of Hell holds up because Kurtwood Smith sells Annorax.

But it's not a survivalist epic. Perhaps the low point is when the Voyager is so full of holes that the fog (called a "nebula") leaks in? I'm sorry but the depths of stupid in that scene are abysmal.

Or perhaps the low point is when this wreck supposedly can engage in combat, surviving long enough to ram Annorax' ship? Sorry, no, not bloody likely, no matter if they write a line about how surprisingly weak the Krenim timeship is. Unfortunately, the plot mechanics of the resolution require accepting this lunacy.

Year of Hell merely makes ungodly demands on willing suspension of disbelief. There is no sense in which it fulfils any premises. The story that Braga wanted to drag this out for a full season just reminds us that he isn't the best writer in TV SF.
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