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Re: April Art Challenge - Flux Capacitor

largo wrote: View Post
reliant, with a distinctly redder cast of light, impulse and other red lighting visible, firing bright orange blasts from its phasers... clearly the beast, i think.
Exactly. The red lighting was inspired by the SFX guys in TWOk itself who gave the Reliant model some red lights in certain places to make it seem more "evil" to the viewer.

Albertese wrote: View Post
Admiral2 wrote: View Post
I'm with Finn on this one. It's just one Federation ship firing on another, and there's no context at all without knowing the history behind the image. Subtle lighting does not a beast make.
Hold on! are there any Star Trek fans on this board who don't get the context here?

This is like stumbling into a catholic church and seeing a sculpture of some lanky sad looking dude on a cross and asking for the context.

Really? We get it.

Thank you. I was under the impression that I didn't need to spell out the context when it relates to one of the most storied films in the franchise this entire site is about. I would imagine that with the lighting and the fact that one ship is clearly attacking the other, even an uninitiated viewer could tell who the aggressor is.
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