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Bill Morris
Re: Voyager fanfics and creations

Posted by Belanna:
Hehe, I might have to have some help for a 45 minute music video.... LOL
Okay, but this is something many of us could only dream about in the 1970s after TOS was cancelled the second time at the same time man first landed on the moon.

But with the equipment you've got now, one part of it is a lot easier, and you've got a lot more existing footage of Voyager than there ever was of TOS. What's left is some impressionists to do the voiceovers, not to mention a script that doesn't require any new guest stars and pretty much conceived with knowledge of what footage you've got to work with. At least it's not an expensive thing like New Voyages. In the 1970s it couldn't have been done without permission from Paramount and probably cooperation.

If you need help, I'm sure there are plenty of volunteers on this forum!
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