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Re: Q vs. Everyone Else in the Universe

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It seems that the general consensus is that Q is so far above the others that if he doesn't want them to exist, there's not much they can do about it. This is obvious in the case of Romulans, changelings, and androids, but Douwds, Organians, Trelane, Metrons, etc., are depicted as being very advanced. (Trelane had his machine but was still very advanced compared to humanoids.)

It would be interesting to note whether dispatching of a Douwd or Organian would be 'harder' for Q (even infinitesimally so), or if eliminating a very powerful being would be as simple as destroying a Tribble or a Kelvan.

Also, I wonder if the combined might of these beings could injure Q (however slightly). This is assuming that Q is somehow 'taken by surprise,' or whatever, and he just doesn't vanish them away immediately.

This is also assuming members of the Q Continuum would ever let an actual Q be injured.

Even when Q was going to destroy himself by taking out a shuttle and letting that energy field destroy him (can't remember the name of the episode off the top of my head), another Q stepped in and saved him.

One question I do have given recent scientific discoveries... Could the Q Continuum stop the implosion of the Universe?

Check that, I'll make a new thread out of it.
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