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Bill Morris
Re: Voyager fanfics and creations

Posted by Adm_Hawthorne:
It's neat, but LCARS seems rather bulky to me.
Thanks, Admiral. The fictional LCARS might be if it were on one computer, but in the Star Trek scenario, how many terminals do you see per room? I have a Windows comupter sitting on a desk and my LCARS thing on a shelf in some places or on the same desk in others. Everything my LCARS computers do they do instantly. If I want to see what time it is anywhere in the world, that only takes one keypress. In a bedroom, the LCARS thing mainly serves as an alarm clock and nightlight (it's always on). You can shut off the alarm blindfolded. It's nothing like a mouse-operated system. The screenshots pretting much indicate all that. In any case, it's a lot faster than Windows in everything it does. It's nothing like a mouse-operated system. It even has a shorthand word processor.

I guess the concept is foreign to most people, because they're used to one machine with Windows. But what I'm doing is true to Michael Okuda's original concept, which I respect and am trying to keep alive and perhaps prove has some merit. All it takes is a junk laptop and a free download. I have it on computers that would otherwise have been thrown away and some that actually were thrown away.
I sometimes run it under XP, but it's not very useful like that.

It works and works well. Ask any Starfleet officer. But mine has meaningful labeling instead of meaningless numbers, as you can see. Unlike a toy phaser, this is a piece of Star Trek that's fully functional.
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