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Re: Marvel Now/ReEvolution Ongoing Discussion (Spoilers)

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Superior Spider-Man #8.

You know what? I am done with the Peter ghost. I'm tired of his smugness. I'm tired of how he jumps to conclusions and only grudgingly accepts that Doc Ock is right.
Yes, because a guy who beat the shit out of a two pranksters, killed a guy, and beat the shit out someone who barely qualifies as a villain just because he stole one of his old toys possible to help a sick kid and is the king of arrogant hypocritical duoche bags WHO TRIED TO MURDER MOST A THE F#%KING HUMAN RACE BECAUSE OF HIS EGO and is in currently IN PETER PARKER'S BODY WHICH HE STOLE and had every intention of leaving Parker TO DIE is so much better.

Oh and FYI don't get used to Doc Ock as "Spider-Man". Because 2014, Amazing Spider-Man 2 and Otto's eviction notice are just around the corner.
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