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Re: Best female Star Trek Cast?

Eh VOY doesn't really strike me as the best female cast Trek has to offer.

Janeway is written to be nearly infallible and is constantly making bad decisions but never faces any repercussions for them either do to favortism of the writers or the reset button.

B'Elanna was a trope Klingon, who was the daughter of a trope Klingon and only developed as a character by becoming married and pregnant with a daughter who would also be a trope Klingon.

Kes I liked but was underused to the max.

Seven Of Nine I view as an opaque character. Her femininity really wasn't about her character's development, rather her story and growth from drone to human defined her. Pissed still they reduced her to the lowest common denominator by making her fall for Chakotay in the finale for no reason. Can we not have asexual characters? Why does everyone need to shake up with someone? Oh because Beltran complained his character was being underused and the producers made this 11th hour change to appease him.

VOY has the most female characters in lead/supporting roles but I wouldn't consider them the best because of that.

I really liked the DS9 and ENT women though.

Kira was grating and preachy at first but she grew on me.

Dax I never warmed to.

Leeta I liked in her bit part.

Cassidy I liked.

Female Changeling was great.

T'Pol was bland but by season 3 she was defined and relatable.

Hoshi was SEVERELY underused for a Trek series in the 21st century. Forget Tasha Yar, Hoshi was the new Uhura, and that's really sad.

Captain Hernandez I would've liked to have seen more of.
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