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Bill Morris
Re: Voyager fanfics and creations

Yey, Voyager!

Many of you who saw my LCARS thing probably didn't click around enough to see Borg Solitaire, where the face cards are the VOY crew, Q, and Barkeley--all in Borg drag, and the cardbacks feature the Delta Flyer. So here's a direct link:

My previous thread is gathering dust in the Web forum:

This system shell starts up playihg a clip of the Flyer straffing a Borg cube and firing a photon torpedo, or Archer's ship heading out, or Worf in the Defiant going at it hard with a cube.

But to expand on what you're bringing up here, one thing that is not being done is for someone, or a team of fans, to start a dramatic Voyager comic strip, where the story unfolds three or four panels a day on the Web, either done like a newspaper comic or with screen caps.

So we rejoin Voyager four years after Endgame with whoever is in the captain's chair now (maybe Tom Paris), etc. But on this forum we have some writing talent, and that's the starting point. The equivalent of a one-hour show takes 6 months to relate as a daily comic strip. I've done comics for pay, and I'm not ready to do them free. It's a lot of work. But this is the Web, and it doesn't have to be hand drawn or even hand lettered, necessarily. The story is the main thing. With a great story, all things are possible.

Somebody would have to operate a site for it, with a hit counter that could show if there is wide popularity, just to give Paramount something to think about, since New Voyages got something like 22 million downloads of their second thing. The point is that we fans need to prove that there is a large audience for Star Trek in the future. That's not the message they're getting from the ENT ratings, right?
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