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Be one of 6000 humans left in the galaxy.....

Enterprise: Federation is an Alternate Universe Star Trek: Enterprise RPG based on the events of the episode Twilight, where Earth has been destroyed and humanity is being hunted by the Xindi. When Jonathan Archer awakens to find the human race driven to the distant world of Ceti Alpha Five, eluding the relentless pursuit of Xindi forces, he is visited by Daniels who tells him that billions will die who did not die before. Join Archer and his crew as they embark upon the mission to rebuild humanity's place in the stars and set the foundation for something Daniel's will only call - Federation.

The storylines will involve the quest to rebuild humanity's place in the stars and the Xindi threat. Also, the survivors of Earth will try to rebuild their lives on the distant colony of Ceti Alpha Five, renamed Gaia, to create a new future for themselves. Amidst these events, a secret organisations rears its head with an agenda of its own to ensure the survival of humanity at all costs, even if it means acting beyond Starfleet Code of Conduct.

We are currently seeking players for the following canon characters:

* Malcolm Reed
* Hoshi Sato

We also need vacancies for the following department positions.

NX01 Enterprise:

Specific positions–
* Operations Officer
* Asst. Chief Engineer
* Medical Officer
* Nurse
* Intelligence Officer
* Flight officers (to pilot small fighters)

* Security Officers
* Engineering Officers
* Science officers

Colony of Gaia
* Chief of Security (Colony)
* Chief Administrator of Gaia Colony Hospital
* Chief Medical Officer (Colony)
* Flight officers

Positions are also needed to be filled on the SS Excelsior/Intrepid
* Bridge Officers
* Security Officers
* Engineering Officers
* Science officers

Players joining can have the option of being Section 31 agents who work behind the scene furthering humanity's cause no matter what the ends.

Those who are interested please note that this is a serious RPG dedicated to complex storylines and furthering character development. Applicants will have to submit audition posts and detailed bios that give us a good idea of the character you wish to play. This is an ADULT game.

If interested, you can visit our main website

or our Yahoo site

This a link of the story to date:
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