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Re: Ryva Takes On Enterprise (Again)

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Strange New World:

So I don't remember Archer being so... dumb. He keeps making these amateur mistakes that put his crew in jeopardy and reinforce the Vulcans' opinion that humans are idiots. Not only did he ignore T'Pol's advice (and common sense) when he didn't take scans of the planet or even check the weather before sending a team to the surface, but he brought his frigging dog!? Who does that? I realize space exploration is a new concept at this point, but these are mistakes resulting from incompetence, not inexperience.
See the bolded part I have a problem with. In that vast library of old movies and crap that Trip keeps wanting to spend an evening eating popcorn with was there NO science fiction? Don't they at least have a vague set of fictional protocols in their head for new situations because mankind has been musing on such possibilities for centuries?

Without any spoilers, could you guys tell me something? Am I ever going to like Archer?
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