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Re: Ryva Takes On Enterprise (Again)

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Until DS9. Those Vulcans in Holosuite were smugger than Capt Smug of the USS Smug.
Also they cheat at baseball.

But anyway.

Strange New World:

So I don't remember Archer being so... dumb. He keeps making these amateur mistakes that put his crew in jeopardy and reinforce the Vulcans' opinion that humans are idiots. Not only did he ignore T'Pol's advice (and common sense) when he didn't take scans of the planet or even check the weather before sending a team to the surface, but he brought his frigging dog!? Who does that? I realize space exploration is a new concept at this point, but these are mistakes resulting from incompetence, not inexperience. Protocols are there for the safety of the crew. It seems like a no-brainer.

Anyway, I liked the rest of the episode. I thought it was strange that they should do a "Main Characters Go Crazy and Act Unlike Themselves" episode so early in the series, when we really don't even know the characters that well to begin with. But then, TNG did the same thing with "The Naked Now". And that was only their second episode.

There were a few good character moments. Mayweather got to tell a ghost story. (Yay?) Trip obviously has some deep-seated hostility toward Vulcans. And T'Pol found out just how dangerous those irrational humans can be. And I liked that they couldn't land the shuttle because of the storm. That was a nice touch of realism.

Without any spoilers, could you guys tell me something? Am I ever going to like Archer?
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