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Re: Stargate SG-1 - First time viewing of whole series

4x18-Forsaken: SG-1 comes upon a crashed alien ship on a planet by happenstance. Around the crashed ship are some humans defending their position from a type of lizard-esque humanoids. The ship is called Cerebrus and its discovered that it was a prison transport ship. The humans say they are at war with the others and the attackers are prisoners of war. Who in the crash captured some of their weapons to use against them. Truth is actually the other way around and it's pretty easy to see that from about act ii, not so much foreshadowing as laying flares. Not an overly great episode really. It felt like a very stock 3-4 set piece show. I also gotta ask is O'Neill being a tool or were new writers on board for S6? Cause he's looking through a telescope in the daylight and seems to ask why he can't see anything. It's been established 2-3 times prior he likes to gaze with his own private telescope on Earth.

4x19-The Changeling: Is this SG-1's version of DS9's Far Beyond the Stars episode? That went through my head, fair or not. I was not as impressed with it though. Daniel Jackson is back as well in his all powerful do nothing form.

4x20-Memento: Finally after two episodes I wasn't as excited about this one was fun. Not real sure about the title though. The episode starts with the Air Force having fully crewed the now sub light powered Prometheus, thanks Simmons. Again, it felt like the shake down cruise of the Enterprise-B with O'Neill essentially playing the part of Kirk. Except there is no Nexus. The engines malfunction dropping them out of warp early. They do a quick jump to the closest planet that may have a Gate, but if it does it's covered up. The planet in question just so happens to be having some political turmoil of it's own and the appointed/elected ruler and the military leader are at odds. The arrival of the Prometheus doesn't help. It's discovered that Horus once ruled this planet and indeed with some research the team locates the Gate. I'll chalk this up to much experience at this point. I really enjoyed the episode and hope this planet is revisited with some purpose since we know their tech isn't up to speed.

4x21-Prophecy: On a routine mission the SG-1 team comes across a planet still struggling with Gou'ald enslavement. We find out that it's Baal the old Canaanite god. The citizens leader says they want to be free but Baal has planted a spy among them to report back to him. Meanwhile Jonas has come down with a tumor in his brain that is allowing him to see possible moments into the future. Jonas still feels his need to prove himself to O'Neill and keeps delaying Dr.Frasiers attempts to remove the tumor. He feels having it will help the team on this mission. His vision however are not perfect and I'd say are actually a distraction. SG-1 returns safely home despite visions by Jonas of destruction and his tumor is removed. O'Neill finally gives Jonas the approval he's long sought by affirming his value to the team, vision or no vision.

4x22-Full Circle: So the title refers to our return to Abydos? Is Daniel Jackson coming back? Both, what is full circle? A great episode but I'm loaded with some thoughts, well questions. Ones I don't really want direct answers to but I want to get them out there. So Anubis is physically in some type of half Gou'ald/half Ancient type physiology? His knowledge of the Ancients is also why he's so powerful yet also limited? His his symbiote still alive or just the human host figured out how to ascend? Also, it seems that Anubis pulled a Dantooine of sorts out of his ass and destroyed all the citizens of Abydos, right? So the population we've come to know since the '94 movie is now wiped out, gone, genocide, right? The last remnant is that Skaara has also now ascended? Daniel Jackson also decides he's had enough of this pacifist lifestyle that he was accustomed to and that the "Rules of the Ancients" encouraged. He attempts to go all Jedi Master on Anubis and has he's charging up his fists of lightning his pulled away by the Ancients or destroyed by Anubis? I was unclear on which really.

Another point I'm pondering is that the book found with this eye of Ra indicates that the Ancients are just, what, humanity 1.0? That some plague was sweeping the cosmos but a select few found a way to Ascend. The humanity 1.0 concept kinda reminds me of nuBSG with Kobol and a cycle that repeats(if it's a cycle at all), that aside. The Ancient that fell in love with Sam and gave up being an Ancient I thought alluded to the idea that he took human form cause Sam was human. Leaving the impression his original non-ascended form could've been anything else. Since the markings on the book were Egyptian is that the writings of the Ancients? Are the Ancients actually the gods that gave the idea of reincarnation to ancient Egyptians and the Gou'ald usurped that? No, unless the ancient Egyptians were given something by the Ancients that caused them to leave. We know the Ancients have their "Prime Directive" of non-interference cause they shared knoweldge and that lead to the destruction of a world, yes? Could this be the cycle? Could that world have been humanity 2.0 for instance? Making humantiy of Earth several versions down the line? The Antarctic evidence suggest humans have actually inhabited Earth before we now know? Were these the Ancients? Humanity seems not to actually be native of Earth, or it's suggested. So much in my head right now this has to read like ramblings instead of coherent thought, sorry if you're still reading at this point.

Season 6 concluded---should I expect Michael Shanks back and Corin Nemec to depart at some point next season? This also wasn't a traditional cliffhanger but yet, it was.
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